xi’an xianyang international airport (xiy) as one of the largest airports in northern china, serving the largest and capital city of shaanxi province. on 28th august, a new flight between dubai international airport (dxb) and xi’an airport served by china eastern airlines starts operation. the scheduled flights mu705/706 will serve three times a week, which begin on monday and return on the next day. the single trip costs about 8 hours, taking off at 9:55 pm and arriving at 2:20 am local time. the return flight sets 2 hours later and will arrive at xi’an in the afternoon. in recent years, the china west airport group has been supported by the civil aviation administration of china (caac) to implement the “one belt one road” strategy. xi’an airport as the main member of the group takes the responsibility to facilitate regional economic development and plays an important role to promote the international connectivity between northwest china and the middle east as well as europe. dubai is the very first route from xi’an airport to the middle east, which represents a big step forward for xi’an and the rest of northern china. until now, including the new flight, xi’an airport has 73 international routes flying to 59 foreign destinations .

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